Biovolume calculator


3D based technology


On this page, we report on a novel approach that uses real-like 3D mesh objects to visualise microalgae and calculates their volume and surface area. 

Biovolume and surface area calculations for microalgae

Knowing these dimensions and their intraspecific variabilities, we calculated specific shape and surface area constants for more than 300 forms, covering more than two thousand taxa. By using these constants, the accurate volume and surface area can be quickly computed for each taxon and having these values, morphology-related metrics like surface area/volume ratio, the diameter of spherical equivalent can also be given quickly and accurately.

Steps to use the tool:

  1. Select the alge from the list:
  2. Add the Lenght and adjust the Width measurments, in case of diatomes the depth.
  3. The tool calculates the Volume and Surface