Our development

Under the name of PANDORINA, we started to develop computer tools that ease and assist microscopic examinations, including the enumeration of algae, data entry, and provide the most precise biovolume and surface area calculations to date. The current home page summarises the result of several years spent in developing our tools, now shared openly with the community of scientists and practitioners.

The most innovative achievement of PANDORINA was the development of accurate volume and surface area calculations for microalgae based on real-like 3D mesh objects. Besides the accurate measurements, our 3D objects enable us to visualise microalgae in a fully photorealistic way. Further developments will include the visualisation of the entire inner structures of specimens, which will ease further the identification of taxa. We are motivated in continuous development of our tools, including a microalgae identification platform, the visualisation of compositional changes, and the animation of phytoplankton processes in space and time.

PANDORINA provides a platform for the repository of real-like 3D images of microalgae. We would be delighted if not only the experts but teachers and students will also admire the beautiful world of microscopic algae.